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Monday, 19 December 2016

How to Do Plank [ Video ]

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Side Plank ROW | Celebrity Plank Exercise

La La Anthony and Kelly Rowland with Plank Exercise workout. Side Plank Row Core exercise workout focuses on the back, core, shoulders and arms.

Core Climber Plank Workout

Monday, 30 September 2013

Side Plank Dip Exercise Workout

Side Plank Dip
Side Plank Dip
Side Plank Dip Exercise workout the Plank Exercise Variations. This Plank Exercise is especially designed for the the women. Side Dip Plank exercise is focus on the Core Muscles, Shoulders, Back and Thighs.
To do side dip plank. Get in the side plank position on the left forearm, right foot on the floor in the front of the left. Place the left hand on the floor in the front of right hand on hip. Figure A
Lower the left hip on the floor Figure B.
Return to the starting plank position. do 10 reps. switch sides to complete set.
Perform any Plank Exercise Variation please consult Professional Trainer because the Plank Exercise focuses on the core, back, shoulder and thigh muscles. And these are the very sensitive muscles

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Gym Ball Plank With Rotation

Classic plank exercise variation collection. Gym Ball Plank With Rotations. To do Gym Ball Plank or Swiss Ball Plank. Get in the Classic Plank position with your forearms on the gym ball and your feet wide a part.
Keeping your back straight and core braced, slowly move your arms in the circle with a stirring motion.
complete 10 rotations in one directions before going to the other way
Perform 10 reps each way and 4 sets.