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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Side Plank Snatch Exercise Workout

The Ultimate Plank Exercise to Build the Six packs. Core Exercise workout the Side. For Side Plank Snatch you will need the Kettle Bell. This Plank Exercise will add an extra hit to the side plank to strengthen your abs, back and hips. This Plank Exercise will lead you to lean muscles and Core plank exercise is better than crunches
Side Plank Snatch
Side Plank Snatch
For Performing Every Exercise especially performing Exercise workouts that includes your back muscles, Perform these exercises under the provision of Fitness trainer, gym instructor or Gym owner. Theses exercises are performed and Visualised under the very professional fitness model

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Isometric Plank What Plank Exercise Do?

The Plank Exercise Isometric Plank Routine. The Plank Exercise focus on Core and Back Muscles. Classic Plank Isometric Routine. Find What plank Exercise will do to your muscles and Core Muscles and Back muscles
Isometric Plank Exercise
Isometric Plank Exercise
During Isometric contractions a muscle generates force without changing length. Examples  include your entire abdominal region during a plank, or the muscles of the hand and wrist when you grip the object.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Benefits of Classic Plank Exercise For Core for Men

The Plank Exercise Collection and Plank Exercise Variations. Classic Plank Exercise Workout is the unique Core exercise that make you abs and lean abs and Six pack abs in weeks. Classic Routine of Plank Exercise workout. The Target of Plank exercise is build Core Muscles. Classic Plank exercise routine for men.
Benefits of Classic Plank Exercise
Maintaining you body in the straight line works you core and lower back to build the better posture, increase muscles mass and improve power and transfer between your upper and lower body.
Classic Plank Exercise
Classic Plank Exercise

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Swiss Ball Side Plank Exercise for Core

For the Six Pack Abs the Side Plank Exercise and Classic Plank Exercises are the best options. In this post you will knew about the Side Plank Exercise with Gym ball or Swiss ball Exercise for Core. For this core exercise workout Plank. you Need a Swiss ball.
Swiss Ball Side Plank 
Get in the Side Plank Exercise Plank Exercise Position. Hold the Swiss Ball with your feet between legs. Lower your abs for Plank Exercise. Repeat this Side ball plank exercise with other side as well.
For better results you can squeeze the Swiss ball with your feet. Do 3 Sets and 10 reps each side
Swiss Ball Side Plank
Swiss Ball Side Plank

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Plank Combo | Plank Exercise Variations

Plank Classic Exercise workout routine. This special Plank exercise combo is created by Alison Sweeney. This Plank Combo is the Variation of Classic Plank Exercise.
This Plank Combo will Build the Core Shoulders Arms and Butt. This plank Combo also works for Better Fitness and Slim Figure.
Get in the Classic Plank Position on your knees, holding a weight in right hand, palm facing left, bend right elbow, rotating palm as you curl weight toward your shoulder.
Plank Combo Exercise Variations
Plank Combo Exercise Variations

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Scorpion Plan Exercise workout By Ashley Greene

Classic Plank Exercise Workout Routine vs the Scorpion Plank Exercise. The Super Hot Fitness model Actress Ashley Greene. The Scorpion Plank Exercise. How to Scorpion Plank Exercise Workout.
Get in The Classic Plank Exercise position with wrists aligned to shoulders. Pull the right knee to left elbow and left knee to right elbow. this plank exercise will help you to build core muscles and make you belly fit and tuned.
Scorpion Plank Exercise
Scorpion Plank Exercise
Scorpion Plank Exercise Workout by Ashley Greene

Monday, 22 July 2013

Vanessa Hudgens Up Down Plank Workout

Vanessa Hudgens the 24 Years old Young Hollywood Star. She Will suit up for the Summer 2013. here is the Secret of her Slim Body. The Plank Exercise Workout Routine by Vanessa Hudgens the Up down Plank Exercise Workout is the Variation of Classic Plank.
Up Down Plank Workout
Up Down Plank Workout

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Amazing Abs With Classic Plank Exercise

Classic Plank Exercise for Building Core Muscles and Boost the your six pack figure. Plank Exercise is one  off the favourite exercise routine to loose fat and build lean muscles to get the desired body with the Classic Plank Exercise. Front Plank Exercise and Classic Plank Exercise Routine. How to do Plank Exercise for Beginners.
Classic Plank Exercise
Classic Plank Exercise
The Photo Shows how to Do Classic Plank Exercise. Download that Classic Plank Exercise Pictures Make a poster and Place it on the Gym Wall.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Side Plank Exercise Routime with Rotations

Side Plank Exercise with rotations. The Plank Exercise routine workout Will help you to improve your core muscles and build the lean and clean Six Pack abs. The Core Exercise workout for plank. Side Plank Exercise with Rotations. This Plank exercise will target the core muscles and back muscles. The Side Plank Exercise is good for health.
Benifits of Side Plank
Side Plank Ecxercise Focus on the Core Muscles to Build the Six pack muscles. Lower Back Muscles and Tighs as well.