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Monday, 17 June 2013

Planks vs Crunches What you Need to know

Plank VS Crunches are Plank Exercise is Better than Crunches
Plank VS Crunches
Both Exericses the Crunches and Plank Exercise are work on the Core and Abs.
Benefits of the Plank
The plank is superior to the crunch in that it uses more muscle groups. This is true if you perform it correctly. Perform the plank on the balls of your feet and with your pelvis tilted downward to actively solicit 20 muscles in an isometric contraction. Read more: Plank

Benefits of Crunches

Crunches solicit six main core muscles of the abdomen and legs, seven if you are able to scoop your navel to your spine throughout the motion. The crunch is user-friendly because it can be modified to meet the needs of each individual. For instance, you can simultaneously lift your pelvis and torso to engage the lower muscle fibers of your abdomen.Read more: crunches

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Oliver Jedre Plank Exercise Workouts

Oliver Jedre the Fitness Model with the Physique in This Post You will Read about the plank exercise workouts by Oliver Jedre
Oliver Jedre Fitness Model
The Oliver Jedre Fitness Model
Classic plank Exercise workout by Oilver Jadre
Side Plank Exercise workout by Oliver Jadre

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Plank This Funny Plank Exercises

The Collection of Funny Plank Exercise Positions The Following Picture is taken from the Reps magazine. The Plank Exercise Routine
Plank This
The Following Plank Exercise Videos will shows you about the Plank Exercise Craze and also about Funny Plank exercise workouts

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Decline Plank Exercise Routine for MEN

Decline Plank Exercise for Men. This Plank Exercise workout will Helps to build core muscles and Abs. Plank Exercise Routine Workout for MEN
Decline Plank Exercise

The Following Plank Exercise Video Describe Decline Plank Crunch

Declined Plank Exercise 60 Second Plank Exercise Workout Challange
Decline Plank Exercise

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Audrina Patridge Cat Plank Exercise Workout

Audrina Patridge with the Perfect voice and perfect body. Here you will look at the Cat Raise Plank Exercise of Audrina Patridge
Cat Plank Exercise

Cat Raise Plank Exercise Workout

Cat Balance Plank Exercise

Yoga Plank Exercise The Following Plank Exercise video will show you the Cat Plank Exercise

Monday, 10 June 2013

Rear Raiser Plank Exercise For Women

Rear Raiser Plank Exercise for Women. This plank Exercise workout for Women helps to build the Perfect belly and help them to fat loss. This Plank Exercise Works on Butt lower back and ABS
Rear Raiser Plank
Following Plank Exercise Video will show you Leg Raised Plank Exercise with Incline
The Following Plank Exercise video will show you the Rear leg raised Plank Exercise
How to Do Plank Exercise on Floor Raised Plank on the Floor

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Incline Plank with Foot Touch Video

Incline Plank Exercise workout will Build you core muscles and hips and legs as well.
How to Do Incline Plank Exercise. Plank Exercise Workout Routine.

Elevated Incline plank  the Following video will show you how to do Elevated incline plank with foot touch

How to do Incline Plank Exercise

Up Down Plank Exercise Guide

Up Down Plank Exercise will Build the Arm Shoulder back and Core Muscles. This plank exercise workout will help you to loose fat and get you the perfect look and fitness full body
Up Down Plank Exercise
This Core Up-down Plank Exercise Video will show you how to Do Plank Exercise
Up and Down plank Exercise from the Famous Fitness Model. She Will Perform how to Do Plank Exercise Up and Down Plank
Finally the Kimf Planks up Exercise workout will shows you  to Plank Workout Routine Guide

Plank on Ball By Kourtney Kardashian Exercise Workout

Koutney Kardashian has the Perfect body and the picture shows the to Perfect fitness body of Kourtney Kardashian is made most by the Plank Exercise here in That Photo of Kourtney Kardashian Show the Plank on the Ball, Plank Exercise Workout by Kourtney Kardashian
The Following Videos will shows you how to Do Plank Exercise on Gym Ball and Plank on Swiss Ball As Well.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Side Star Plank Exercise for Men and Women

The Side Star Plank Exercise workout will Help Side Core Muscles and Boost the Abs Building.
Side Star Plank Exercise
These Plank Exercise Videos Will Shows you to How to do Side Star Plank Exercise Workout. Make Sure you Will Follow the Exact Plank Exercise Workouts
The  Following video will show for the Female Plank Exercise. How to Do Female Plank Exercise Workout Routine

How To Do Plank Exercise Workouts

Plank Exercise Variation are the Core Exercises to Build the Core Body and the Build the Most Attractive  8 pack Abs. The Core Plank Exercise Workout Will lead you to the Best of the ABS
How to Do Plank Exercise
The Following Videos will show you to How to Do Plank Exercise. Because you will need Extra care doing Plank Exercise because the Plank Exercise directly Effects your Core and Back Muscles and Plank Exercise  must be done under the provision the professional trainer.

Gym Ball Plank Exercise Classic Plank

Gym Ball Plank Exercise Workout. Gym Ball Exercise Workouts will help to build core Muscles and Plank Exercise Workout Routines will Boost the Abs and Build them to Perfect 8 Pack Abs
Gym Ball Plank Exercise
The Gym Ball Plank Exercise Workout Routine that will best to Build Abs against the Crunches Exercise Workout

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The Side Plank Exercise For Women

Side Plank Exercise Workout for Women The Core Plank Exercise to Make the Perfect Abs the Following Videos Show you the 
The Following Plank Exercise Video will Shows you about the Side Plank Exercise and Also About Elbow Plank Exercise Workout Routine. These Core Workout Exercise makes the Perfect Abs and Loose Fat fro the Belly and Get the Flat Stomach with the Plank Exercise.

How to Do Core Plank Exercise For Women

Core Plank Exercise
Core Plank Exercise
Core Plank Exercise workout Routine. Plank Exercise is the Core Exercise to Build Perfect abs and Flats you belly and Remove Fat. Plank Exercise is the Fat Burner Exercise to Make you Fill and and Boost your Fitness. Here are the 2 videos that show you How to Do Plank Exercise and Avoid Mistakes in Plank Exercise so Watch the Plank Exercise Videos Carefully and say Hello to the Fitness