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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Side Plank with Lateral Raise Plank Variations

Side Plank With Lateral Raise is another Side Plank Exercise Variations.This Plank Exercise Workout will lead you to six packs that you ever dreamt of. Plank Exercise is more Workable and Easy against the crunches. The Plank Exercise workout seems difficult at the start but when you used to it it gives you the awesome results that you want to build the Core Muscles. Core Muscles are the Key parts of your body.
How to Do Side Plank with Lateral Raise 
Get  in the Classic Side Plank Position and Raise one arm requires you core to work harder to keep your body stable.
This Side Plank Exercise will Work for the Core Shoulders and Back.
Side Plank with Lateral Raise
Side Plank with Lateral Raise